Special Projects

Skyler Graduation
orange shirt logo Floral Feather Box October..Dove Feather Box Rabbit Feather Box
Wolf Feather Box Crow-Wolf Feather Box Dragonfly Feather Box Coyote Skin Headdress I
Coyote Scalp Holster 1911 Pistol Holster Racoon Scalp Cedar Feather Box Mohawk Gustoweh 2
Oneida Gustoweh 4 foot Red Tail Dance Staff Dance Fan N Dance Staff Red Tail Hawk
Dance Staff Wild Turkey Red Tail 5 feather flat dance fan Red Tail 7 feather dance fan Red Tail Wing dance fan with Antler Handle
Grad Gift Perigrine Dance Fan Tail Sheath I Tail Sheath II
Elk Skin Knife Elk Skin Sheath With Shell Gift Grad Gift II For Cap
Mohawk Gustoweh restoration Whitetail Sheath Walking Staff Skyler's gustoweh
Peebles Sheath Smudge Feather Eagle Smudge Feather Hawk Snowy Owl Medicine
Deerskin Knife Sheath3 Deerskin Knife sheath4 East meets West Medicine Kortwright Trophies
Deer Antler Cane Deer Antler Cane II Deer Hoof Cane II Gustoweh
Badger pelt medicine bag Two Feather Fan With Antler "Gustoweh"(the feather hat) Medicine pouches
Jamieson Totem Decorated Walking Staff Deer Skin Sheath Deer Skin Sheath 2
Sweet Grass Hoop 1 Sweet Grass Hoop 2 Sweet Grass Hoop 3 Turkey Fan with an Antler Handle
Turkey Feather Fan 2 Weston Wolf Promo Weston Wolf 1 Weston Wolves 2
Weston Wolves 3 Weston Bear Deer Hoof Cane Deer Hoof Coat Rack
Owl Feather Hanging Owl Feather Hanging 2 Owl Staff Turtle Song
Decorated Tree bear plate Smudge Bowl Smudge Feather 1
Smudge Feather 2 Smudge pouch 1 Smudge pouch 2 Medicine