Aboriginal Art and Culture Presentation

Content of Classroom Presentation

Visual Aids

*Native artwork/paintings, drawings

*Traditional tools/moose jaw, turkey

*feather fans

*Smudge bowls and fans

*Furs/rabbit, bear, mink, beaver

*Skins/moose, deer

*Clothing/handmade beaded moose

*skin mitts, deer skin moccasins and deer skin vests

*Four Sacred Medicines; sweetgrass, sage, cedar and tobacco

*Antlers, Elk and White Tail Deer

*Snow snake

Classroom Discussions

*Animal Totems, Ojibwe birth chart

dreams, visions, and quests

*The importance of Art to Native culture

*Pre and post European eras

*The Oneida Nation as part of the Iroquois Confederacy

*The Iroquois Nation and their importance to Canadian society today

*Native symbolism, animals, spiritualism and medicines

*Iroquois stories told for generation

Student Activities

*Coloring or drawing a pre-printed

Totem spirit animal. Each student will be provided with a 5 x 7 frame

*Creating a talking feather

*High school students get an in depth

presentation about native art and its elements,

planning and starting their own painting or drawing

*Smudging Ceremony by request

For bookings or pricing information contact: Todd Jamieson (905) 488-6758 or tljamieson@rogers.com