In honour of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, James Bartleman.

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In honour the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario James Bartleman, and his many years of service to Canada, along with his continued involvement in the Aboriginal community. Native artists, Todd Jamieson; Alfie J. Fishgap presented this painting to commemorate the day that his home town of Port Carling celebrated its Native Son.

We wished to represent in our art all Aboriginal people across Canada and so chose the image of the Bear; one image is a West Coast style bear looking to the East (Alfie's heritage) and the other, a Woodland Native style Bear facing West (Todd's heritage). Behind them, the Circle represents the Creator.

There are many legends and stories representing the bear; he is a symbol of strength, power and honour. Master of the forest—always disappearing in the winter, the bear is constantly changing into his spirit body to allow his earthly body to revitalize, or so the elders teach us. Because of its power and humanlike qualities, the bear was referred to as 'Elder Kinsman'. When hunted, it was taken to the Chief's house, sprinkled with eagle down (a symbol of welcome and friendship), and generally treated as a high ranking guest.

We were truly honoured to be included in this most special day and will remember it always as a treasured highlight.

About the Artists

Alfie J. Fishgap: Native Carver

Alfie resides with his wife and his daughter in Holland Landing (near Toronto, Ontario). Alfie descends from the Salish First Nation. Totems, spirit lures, masks, halibut hooks, boxes, canoe paddles; all are part of Alfie’s repertoire. His work exhibits Alfie’s heritage and the spirituality of his people. Each piece is one of a kind meticulously designed, hand carved, burned, and painted in the traditional style of each tribe. Alfie’s artwork speaks to a new generation but still honours the traditions of the past. Fishgap Wood Sculptures Spirit Lures E-Mail:

Todd Jamieson: Native Painter Oneida Nation

An Oneida of the Thames born in London, Ontario, Todd’s art is representative of the early native one-dimensional drawings recovered throughout North America. The father of three now lives in Brampton, and is active in researching native artifacts and ancient crafts. Bear Paw Originals E-Mail: