Custom Paintings

Wolf Skull
Wolf Skull II
Crack of Noon Fishing Club
Feeding Time Til Death us do Part-Spirit of the Hawk
Til Death us do Part-Spirit of the Hawk II Til Death us do Part..Sprit of the Deer Clan Til Death us do Part...Spirit of the Bear Clan I Til Death us do Part..Spirit of the Bear Clan II
I am the Woods Soaring Sneaky The Path
Don't poke the Bear Little Bear Night Guard Wolf Medicine
Turtle Island Floral 12 inch Drum Otter Fun Bear Paw Woman
16 inch Floral Drum Hawk Song Old School Paonessa Drum
Wilson Memorial Box Back Wilson Memorial Box Front Wilson Memorial Box Top
Turtle Clan Inner Spirit Elder Bear Jacob Wolf Paddle
Keeper Of The Woods Bear Medicine Drum Kylie Rose drum Peregrine Drum
Oneida Bear The Beginning At my Post Perch Spirit
Elders Creation-The Beginning Creation- Evolution Still of the Night
Bear Clan Bear Paw Blue Spirit Bear Brothers
Brother 2 Clan Mother Creation Crow Talks Back to the Creator
Dancer Eagle Feather Bear Spirit Family Spirit Free Spirits
Ghost Pack Grandmother Turtle Spirit Guardians of the Creator Hutch Clan
When Spirits Meet Lead Dog Meeting of the Clans My Team
Pack of Wolves Partners Pike Spirit Poisson Spirit
The Watcher Auntie Gwen Bear Paw Spirit Grandmother Turtle
United Walks with Eagles Earth Turtle Royal couple
Guardians of the tree of peace Silent Flight Who Me Mother Earth Creation
Oneida Oneida II Turtle Island with sacred tree The Confederacy
Spirit Within Bear Paw Bear Paw Spirit II Iroquois creation II